Collin Scott

UX Designer / Front-end Developer


Good design is where interactions between your product and the user is seamless and flawless.

Magic Touch

Every detail I choose, from an icon to a font, is chosen with care for the user of the product. Every curve is precise, and every corner is exact.

Latest And Greatest

I use all of the newest and most up to-date software I can get my hands on. This allows me to make sure the product you get is competition ready.

Experience For All

With over 10 years of experience and hundreds of completed projects, I have mastered the process and have a well rounded view of general design and interaction.

Web Dev

The lack of user experience makes every website harder to navigate, cluttered, and unprofessional.

User Experience

The flow a user takes to get from one element to the next, the number of steps they take to achieve their goal, and everything inbetween is user experience.

Layout Matters

It takes years to develop the skills necessary for web development. My understanding of layout exceeds expectations because I do my research.


Learning to code is like learning a new language. It’s a good thing I already speak over 10 different coding languages fluently and have used countless frameworks and software in web dev alone.