Collin Scott

Collin A Scott

UX/UI & Graphic Designer
Web & App Developer

My Story

I pride myself in the uniqueness I offer as a designer, always putting a piece of myself in my work. From creating illustrations to realistic manipulations, I have spent countless hours pouring into my work. My experience includes user interface(UI) design, user experience(UX) design, web design, and even app creation in my spare time. To me, design is more than visual. Design is the understanding of an experience. And as a computer science major at Appalachian State University, I will continue to grow.


My current profession consists of User Experience Design, Graphic Design, and Front-end development. This combines my social skills with my understanding of people's interactions and experience. I strive to make sure every experience is the best and easiest for my clients/customers. I specifically adapt these techniques for web and app design/dev. It takes years of practice, research, and trial and error, to understand what works well and what does not. With this style of design, I am able to push my creativity to the next level.