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Truly fluid web responsiveness

As a designer with a background in development, a passion project of mine was to develop a responsive framework that was lightweight enough to be used on any application. I had always been frustrated with using frameworks in the past when developing my own web applications because of their bulky overhead and their sharp learning curves. This is why I set out to identify the bare minimum needed for a fully responsive application, while also identifying ways to advance the responsive technology as a whole.

Fluidesign is build on top of the idea that webpages should flow from screen size to screen size in a fluid motion. This means that every experience the user can get will feel native to their device. I produced an algorithm that capitalized on content block wrapping and component scaling, while also finding ways to create truly fluid typography. The framework is open-source and easy to use

It is currently still in early development stages, but you can follow my progress on it here: https://github.com/collin-scott12/fluidesign

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