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A Medical Education Gaming Application

When I joined the WebMD organization, there were two products that my team was responsible for. MedChallenge was our consumer focused, fast-pace, quizzing application that was geared towards a learning audience. The application was in it's early stages of success for the org and I was tasked with updating it with new features to enhance our audiences engagement with MedChallenge. The number of features requested to be adapted into the application required a full redesign of the game at it's core. This is where my journey began.

We liked to joke that MedChallenge was going through an identity crisis. No one really knew what avenue it was going to flourish in. When I began to break down the target audiences previously set in place for the application, I realized that the it's main foucs would be in younger audiences such as medical students. I spent time researching and understanding other games in it's class, while also taking inspiration from the AAA gaming industry that has popularized the idea of immersive platforms. I led this product redesign from beginning to end of the design phases. I identified new was to handle social sharing. I drew up plans for a more advanced leaderboard and scoring system. I prototyped concepts to meet the demand of our different user personas. This was the result of calculated planning and execution to propose an entirely rebuilt gaming application.

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